How to prepare for the boudoir shoot
Look on line for boudoir pictures that you like and practice the poses in front of the mirror.
Avoid tan lines, sunburn and any new skin treatments that could irritate your skin.
Get a good night sleep and stretch in the morning.
Hydrate your body and moisturize your skin.
Wax or shave to have a smooth skin and wear clear deodorant.
Have your nails, makeup and hair done before you arrive for a shoot.
Eat a small snack before your session - no big meals.
Wear loose fitting clothing on the way to the shoot - it will take time for the skin indentations from straps and tight clothing to go away.
Give yourself plenty of time to get ready for the shoot and to arrive to the location.
Avoid consumption of alcohol - you will look better.
Bring a valid ID - I will verify your age - I will take a picture of your ID.
Contact me if you have any questions.
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